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We Accept Contributions and Donations

You can now make donations directly to the Amish Ways social media program and website which is being developed based on feedback and suggestions of our Facebook fans and followers. The website will be dedicated to the 'simple life, customs, traditions, lifestyle and peculiar habits' of the Amish (and former Amish) people living around the world today and the people who appreciate them.

All funds that are donated go directly towards articles, web page development, photography and other creative works like art and literature interest categories. Those who donate $100 or more are sent an email thank you note and may have their name associated with a new article or page from our Facebook page if they wish.

Generally we need to pay for professional services and authors to elaborate our work between $50-$150 per article or per section, we are also intending to develop an independent domain to make our effort more autonomous.

Unfortunately and perhaps for the best we are "not allowed" to speak about the Ordnung or about our religion specifically; so our aim and focus is directly involving our ordinary plain people and sustainable lifestyle to foster and promote Amish culture and customs in a changing world.

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How much can be donated? We accept donations of $10 to $1,000 and provide a thank you note for all donations. We do not accept donations over $1,000 and never suggest donations in excess of our needs to maintain a social media presence and our website.

Currently we can only utilize a projected budget of $3,500-$8,000 per year to make a very nice website with anecdotes, Amish proverbs, artwork and a small collection of the most extraordinary recipes; funds raised in excess of these amounts will be used to increase our efforts to develop exclusive content and for promotion. If you can help us reach these goals and maintain our annual budget it will be greatly appreciated.

Page Photo Credits

The header photo for our this page is by Roger W, who has licensed it for non-commercial use in the Creative Commons. The photo was taken in 1982, it is called Strasburg - Amish Carriage.