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The cultural and traditional simple lifestyle of the Amish is one that becomes more appreciated and envied as we grow older and think more about life and its true meaning. To the non-Amish the ideal of simple living and sustainability is very romantic with those who want to get back to basics; however the experience of living life like the Amish is not viewed as well from within the culture, for some and is a chore of discipline to manifest much of their own lives.

There is really little you can truly learn about the Amish on TV shows like Breaking Amish and Amish Mafia, who use Amish clothing style, motif and ex-members of the Amish community, because both fail to incorporate the guiding Ordnung which is the unwritten law that governs behavior, conduct, lifestyle and purpose in all of our communities.

You will discover that in WIkipedia there is quite a bit of good information about our people, society, culture, customs and traditions. It is not limited to the single page, there are quite a number of pages that discuss our lifestyle and religion.

About the Amish

These is a lot of good information online about the Amish people, lifestyle and the religion.

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As many people know shortly after the difference of opinion which led the Amish people to live a stricter lifestyle than their Anabaptist brothers the Mennonites there was a schism which led most of the Amish to move to Pennsylvania to escape religious persecution which was potentially extremely serious during the 1600's when many protestant religious faiths and denominations were formed.

We crossed the seas from Europe at the public invitation of William Penn who offered religious freedom. Penn granted the Amish the right to settle and live across several regions of Pennsylvania mostly in the East around what is known as Lancaster.

Today we live in ten other American states, several provinces in Canada, Belize and Bolivia. We may have members of our faith living in other places as well.

Photo of Amish buggy zone road sign.
Road signs like this one are common in the areas where we live, today you can find them in more than 10 states.
The Amish can be found all around the Lancaster, Pennsylvania region that was given to them by William Penn long before the founding of the United States of America.

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